Hollow Knight Shade Cloak: Where Can You Find It?


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For Hollow Knight players, shade cloak is located in the Abyss, to the very east, beyond the sea of Void. But for that, the Knight has to ascend the lighthouse located on the sea’s west side and activate the light so the Void Tendrils that block access to the Shade Cloak are subdued.

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In the game, where will you find the Abyss?

The Abyss is a Location in Hollow Knight that you can find in Walkthrough, among other areas. You can find the Abyss underneath the Ancient Basin along with a plethora of corpses of the failed vessels and their shades. The Void is also situated there where the vessels are born.

What is Hollow Knight’s playtime?

Roughly speaking, the total time to play through the main story of Hollow Knight is 21 hours. However, if you add in the optional areas, this time can go up to 26 hours too, which is quite shocking for an indie game. And if you really like to complete your games, then you are looking at a fair 42 hours worth of playtime.

How can you acquire the King’s brand?

If you want the King’s Brand, go to the Cast-Off Shell in Kingdom’s Edge which is apparently guarded by Hornet. Defeat Hornet and you’ll find the King’s Brand at the very end of the Cast-Off Shell. Although you may need Monarch Wings to access it, you can access it early by nail-jumping on a Primal Aspid.

Where is pale ore in the game?

Pale Ore can be found nearby Hallowsnest Crown which is situated at the very top of Crystal Peak. You can also gain Pale Ore via boss battles such as the one in Deepnest and the boss in Ancient Basin. In Deepnest, you’ll find a Pale Ore hiding in a secret spot to the left of the hot springs near where you fight Nosk.

How do you reach the city of tears?

The City of Tears has many different ways to be reached from several other areas of Hallownest.

The west main gate can be opened from the Fungal Wastes by using the City Crest on the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol while the east part of the city can be accessed from the Royal Waterways after using the Tram Pass to get to Ancient Basin.

How do you dash down a Hollow Knight?

You can easily bring down a hollow knight by using these functions. Press FOCUS/CAST or QUICK CAST while holding DOWN to cause The Knight to slam into the ground, creating a shockwave that spreads out and up.

The dive deals 15 damage, while the shockwave deals 20. The Knight is invincible for 0.4 seconds during and after using Desolate Dive.

What is the use of rancid eggs in the game?

Rancid eggs can be used to summon the shade by offering one egg to Confessor Jiji. They can also be sold to merchants like Steel Soul Jinn to get Geo.

How do you get Sharp Shadow in the game?

Sharp Shadow is located in Deepnest and it can be acquired if you have the Shade Cloak ability so you can pass the Shade Gate. Then, you can find it behind a Shade Gate, southeast of the Hot Spring.

What does the mask maker do?

The Mask Maker is an NPC in Hollow Knight who gives various lore related to masks and Hallownest’s history.

How to perform a double jump in Hollow Knight?

When you reach the Ancient Basin and keep progressing after the Broken Vessel boss fight, you’ll get the Monarch Wings double jump upgrade. The double jump upgrade is located in the farthest left chamber from the bottom level if you see the map.

How do you get the 15 lifeblood mask?

The most reliable method to get the mask is to acquire 7 or more health through collecting Mask Shards and then equipping Fragile/Unbreakable Heart, Lifeblood Heart, and Joni’s Blessing to reach 15 Lifeblood masks.

What is Void Heart in Hollow Knight?

Void Heart is a charm that unlocks multiple aspects of the game. If you have this charm, you can have access to 4 separate endings. Although you can’t acquire the first ending without starting a new game.

Where is the door to the abyss?

You can directly head to the door of the Abyss from the Ancient Basin and it will open if you have the King’s Brand from Kingdom’s Edge.

What use is the King’s brand?

King’s Brand is a white illuminating item in Hollow Knight that serves as the player’s mark as a king and helps in unlocking a door that leads you to The Abyss.

How to open The Abyss?

The door to The Abyss can be found if you go to the bottom of Ancient Basin. Then, if you already have the King’s Brand with you, the door will open for you.

How do you enter the Kingdom’s Edge in Hollow Knight?

You can enter the Kingdom’s Edge via a tram from the Ancient Basin or through the City of Tears. There’s no Stag Station in this area which makes traveling around the area a little more cumbersome.

From the tram, head to the right and then up to the top of the cavern. Take the exit above to the Royal Waterways and you reach the Kingdom’s Edge.

Where are the Hollow Knight maps?

Cornifer, the map seller, can be found at the bottom of The Forgotten Crossroads. He also advises the Knight to visit his wife Iselda’s shop up in Dirtmouth, whose shop can be accessed only when a map has been bought or False Knight has been defeated. Cornifer can be found in every zone he sells a map for.

How do you attain the tram pass in Hollow Knight?

The tram pass is at the left of the upper bench, where it says “Ruined Tramway.” If you go all the way to the left and drop down into the broken tram, you will find the tram pass. You can use it to get from Deepnest to the Ancient Basin. You don’t actually need the Tram Pass to progress in the game.

How many bosses do you encounter in the game?

There are six Dream Bosses in Hallownest while False Knight is present in the Forgotten Crossroads, in a room above the boss room behind a breakable wall, surrounded by two Maggots.

What are the sources of power in the game?

At different locations in the game, you” find abilities and powers to access, making the traveling part easier for your avatar. These are:

  • Monarch Wings
  • Crystal Heart
  • Mantis Claw- This claw allows you to cling to walls and then leap from them.
  • Isma’s Tear
  • Mothwing Cloak- This cloak is used to dash forward on the ground or in the air.
  • Shade Cloak
  • Dreamgate

Where can you find Hornet in the Greenpath?

Hornet can be first spotted guarding the entrance leading to Greenpath, where she is placed to observe the Knight before moving away.