What is the geometry of ch3+?


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The shape of CH3-, that is, methyl anion, is tetrahedral as its four electron pairs form a pyramidal geometry. Although, if one lone pair of electrons and three bond pairs are found, then the molecular geometry results in a trigonal pyramidal.

What is the bond angle in the structure of CH3+?

The carbon atom in the ion CH+3 is sp2 hybridized carbon which makes the geometry of CH3+ a perfect trigonal planar. So the H−C−H has a bond angle of 120∘ .

Is there any proof of CH3 being trigonal planar? 

 As we already mentioned, CH3- is trigonal pyramidal and its bond angles are of 109.5 degrees. This happens due to the presence of the lone pair of electrons. Some reliable source manuals also say that the bond angle is less than 109.5 degrees. 

 State the hybridization of CH3+.

 CH3+ is sp2 hybridized while CF3+ is actually sp3 hybridized. The credit for its reactivity goes to the 3 bond pairs and one free electron present in CH3+.

What is the difference between CH3+ and CH3-?

CH3+ is planar whereas CH3- is pyramidal.

Is NH4+ trigonal too? 

No, the geometry of NH4+ is tetrahedral.

Describe the shape and geometry of CH3+.

Methyl cation or CH3+ has a shape of trigonal planar contributed by its sp2 hybridization and absence of any lone pair. 

What is the shape of h3o+?

H3O+ is considered an exception as in this molecule, three electron pairs are bond pairs while one electron pair is lone pair creating distortion in the molecule. This results in the shape of a pyramid.

So the hydronium cation or H3O+ is arranged in a trigonal pyramidal structure, keeping its one Oxygen atom at the apex. 

Is there a CCC bond angle in ch3 3c+?

The cationic center of this atom has sp2 hybridization so the bond angle between CCC is supposed to be 120 degrees. 

How is ch3oh tetrahedral?

CH3OH has covalent bonding where bonds maintain some distance in order to prevent repulsion as much as possible. So the best arrangement to achieve minimum repulsion is tetrahedral geometry. That’s why the atoms of CH3OH are arranged in a tetrahedral shape. 

 How many lone pairs does ch3 contain?

The CH3 ion consists of three bonding pairs of electrons as well as a lone pair.

 What is the hybridization of CH4? sp3 hybridized?

Methane, known as CH4, has four separate yet equivalent orbitals. It has three 2p and one 2s orbital which then hybridizes into four sp3 orbitals to form methane. Similarly, NH3, or ammonia, is sp3 hybridized, one orbital being preoccupied with a lone pair of electrons.

 How can CF3 radical be pyramidal in shape?

CF3 has three sigma bonds. We can compare it to the CH3 free radical which had sp2 hybridization. But looking at the shape of the molecule, it is pyramidal as opposed to CH3 radical’s planar shape. This only indicates that CF3 is sp3 hybridized. 

 What hybridization does ch3 have: sp2 or sp3?

CH3– is sp3 hybridized as there are 4 pairs of electrons surrounding one carbon atom. But the shape of ch3- is a trigonal pyramid despite it having an sp3 hybridization because of the presence of a lone pair of valence electrons.  

 What is the name of CH3?

CH3 belongs to the methyl group which is an alkyl derived from methane, as three hydrogen atoms make bonds with a single carbon atom, forming CH3. It is abbreviated as Me. Organic compounds around us are filled with such hydrocarbon groups as they are very stable. 

 How many lone pairs does CH3 have?

We all know that two valence electrons make a lone pair. Seeing CH3’s structure, only one valence electron is present which is called a free radical. A molecule has a radical when there’s an odd number of electrons left. So CH3 doesn’t have any lone pair.

 CH3+ is sp2 hybridized or sp3? 

CH3+ is trigonal pyramidal so it is naturally sp3 hybridized. 

 Is water, that is H2O, a tetrahedral?

Yes, the molecules of water are arranged in a tetrahedral geometry. It has 4 regions of electron density around the central oxygen atom (2 bonds and 2 lone pairs) resulting in a bent shape and a bond angle of 104.5 degrees. 

 What is the structure of C2H4?

C2H4 is planar, although no accurate answer has been given to explain the reason behind its shape. The most recent answer stated that since both carbons in ethene are sp2 hybridized so the molecular geometry of the atom is bound to be trigonal planar. 

It’s all based on the double bond shared by the 2 carbons in the atom of C2H4.  

Explain the Lewis structure for ch3 anion?

CH3- consists of 8 valence electrons in total, including the electron we represent in the negative charge in the formula of CH3-. 

If we see the lewis structure by calculating the formal charges on this anion, carbon will be placed with a -1 charge whereas the three hydrogen atoms will have 0 formal charges each. 

Does formaldehyde have a trigonal planar shape?


 What is the molecular shape of bcl3?

BCL3 is trigonal planar by default.