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The Raytec sponge derives its name from a manufacturing company that makes such surgical sponges. 

What are Raytec sponges used for?

Generally, gauze sponges are used by medical surgeons to absorb blood and tissue fluid during surgeries. Thus, when used for that purpose, these sponges are called surgical sponges. When such surgical sponges are produced by a specific manufacturing company, they then are named as Raytec sponges. 

What are lap pads used for in surgery? 

Lap pads are 6 x 6” pieces of cloth used to usually soak up fluid from abdominal viscera after a surgery. The white cloth is attached to a radio-opaque blue string that is further attached to a plastic disk. The reason the string is attached to the cloth is so it shows up on an X-ray, if one is taken.

What is a lap sponge?

Lap sponges are a piece of medical equipment that are made of 100% cotton and thus are the most absorbent sponges of the lot. They come with 2 blue radiopaque handles that remain visible when saturated with blood. These radio-opaque handles are again attached to ensure visibility on an X-ray. 

How many peanut sponges come in a pack?

The sterile Dukal Peanut Sponges come in a pack of 40 each. They however, have no holders.

How much blood does a lap sponge hold?

Normal 4 x 4” gauze sponges can hold up to 10 mL of blood. Raytec sponges have a higher capacity than this, with an ability to hold about 10-20 mL of blood. Laparotomy or lap sponges being the most absorbent, hold over 50-100 mL of blood and tissue fluid.

What is a lap in surgery?

Lap is short for a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band. It is commonly referred to as a lap-band, an A band, or a LAGB. It is an inflatable silicone device placed around the top of the abdominal region in order to treat obesity by putting pressure on the stomach. The intended purpose of this is to decrease food consumption by the user. 

What is a retained foreign body?

A retained foreign body (RFB) is a surgical complication that arises when the operating surgeon accidentally leaves something behind in the patient’s body after operating. This can be anything from a gauze sponge to a pair of forceps.

What is a weighted lap pad used for?

Weighted lap pads are used to bring about a calming sensation in people who suffer from anxiety or depression. They are found to be beneficial for both children and older adults. Adults can easily use this weighted lap pad while sitting upright or working as studies have shown that they are quite effective in helping one relax.

How much should a weighted lap pad weigh?

Weighted lap pads should weigh less than 2 pounds in general. In specific cases, they can be between 5% and 10% of a person’s body weight. The 12 x 18 inches variant weighs less than the 12 x 30 variant. A weighted lap pad should basically fit a person snugly and ensure they feel comfortable.