What Happened To JB Tacos From Being On Bar Rescue?


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If you know Kitchen Nightmares, you might know what bar rescue is. Just like how chef Gordan Ramsey helps to find a restaurant’s shortcomings and helps the owners to find faults that are being a nuisance in the business. Bar Rescue is an American TV show where the same things happen.

Basically, it is one and the same thing where instead of Gordon, John Taffer, another famous chef, food enthusiast and a person who helps rescue thousands of businesses related to the food chain from crashing and point out their faults.

He helps them see what they couldn’t see as to where everything goes wrong. The show has had many restaurants that have been saved from the clutches of financial ruin. 

As for Harbour Point & Grill, this was the turning point in their lives. Let’s discuss what happened and how things are proceeding now in a question-answer format. The Q&A are as follows:-

What exactly is Bar Rescue?

Ans. As mentioned before, Bar Rescue is a famous American TV show that is hosted by Paramount and is termed as a show where they help bar owners and restaurant staff to get on with their lives and point out their faults and everything.

They basically help them through everything including the menu, the place, the ownership, the interiors, etc. 

John Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay for clubs and bars. He has a piece of extensive knowledge about the subject of bar keeping and is said to have a very keen eye on the subject of how a bar functions and what it does.

The owners of the bars which are failing, request John to take care of their business and tell them what their problem is through an application over the Paramount TV shows. 

What do the show owners do?

Ans. The scene starts with John Taffer and his crew taking over the bar. He performs reconnaissance and walks over and checks everything.

Then he notes down all the faults and service weaknesses it has that has been plunging the bar into debts and failures. Then, a group of people from his own crew comes and orders things that are on the menu.

They gauge the depth of the services offered and the quality of food given by the bar. All of this has been taken care of by John Taffer and there are cameras installed everywhere in the bar so that they can monitor each and every staff member and what they do in the bar. Finally, the crew gather all the evidence and call the owner of the bar. 

John then walks the owner through what he sees as shortcomings that are hampering the quality of the bar.

He discusses what all is needed for the bar to function well and then the matter is settled by him personally intervening in the business so that the process of transition goes on smoothly. 

What happened at JB tacos?

Ans. Actually, it wasn’t named JB tacos. The bar in question was named Harbour Point & Grill and was owned by two people named as John Willis and Bert Novey. These two men called John Taffer to help them with their bar which is running out of business.

Neither of them knew what was causing the problem, so they decided that they would take the help of the professional himself. 

As the regular procedure happened, John Taffer found out that there were many miserable things that were going on in the bar. The first thing was that one of the owners was using the bar himself and was drinking his heart out inside the bar.

This was the first major mistake that was crossed by the professional. 

What did Bar Rescue do to the Harbour Point & Grill? 

Ans. At first, John felt as if the owners were not interested in the bar. They were drinking inside their own bar which is a big no-no in the industry. They decided that it was time that they leave the business.

This was what John felt on their behalf of. To see what would be their reaction, he set up the cameras inside the bar as they do and told them that the bar could not be saved as it is already in ruins. 

Since the whole thing runs as a show to audiences like us too, the entire crew with John Taffer himself witnessed both the men crying and getting emotional about the bar. It wasn’t as John had expected it to be.

They were genuinely concerned for the bar and its well being. They had genuine emotions for the bar and they wanted to fix everything so that they could get down to business once again. 

What did John do after witnessing this? 

Ans. If you have seen the show, you would understand what it felt like to see both the men cry. It was devastating.

They got so emotional that it made John himself emotional. He went down and told them that he would dedicate his entire knowledge to make their bar running again.

For this, he had extensive plans for these two gentlemen. 

Firstly, they decided to make sure that this was being done in such a way that it would tackle each and every difficulty that they must have experienced. So he went on with their bar’s expenses and corrected all of them.

He later changed the name of the bar too, renaming them from Harbour Point & Grill to JB tacos after the owner’s name. Although they both have changed their name yet again they have a lot of positive reviews on the same. 

There were many positive reviews regarding the restaurant and they were all about food. Many of the customers have mentioned that the Karaoke was on point and that it added to the beauty of the place.

The chef’s salad, which is the classic dessert of the place, designed by John Willis, the owner himself, is starred five out of five because of how good it tastes.

The bar which had zero people had turned into a place where people could hang out and describe it as a place with a friendly atmosphere and good people. 

The bar has changed its name from JB tacos to Rocket’s Sports Bar & Grill again because of certain reasons which are known to the owners themself. Regardless, it is now a beautiful and friendly bar, which is worth a visit if you are in Texas.