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Have you ever wondered why you have to wear glasses and why does your father or your mother wear glasses?

It is certainly because something is wrong with all your eyes but it might be that your father or your mother has a problem because of watching TV excessively or like reading books or newspapers back in those days. But what about you?

You didn’t do any of these things and yet you can’t see any better since childhood. They say that you got your features from your mom or your nose from your dad so is it possible to get diseases too? 

The answer is yes. This is known as a family tendency. The ability to transfer a gene that would run despite whether it is a boon or a curse is called a family tendency.

This is something that we had known since time immemorial but we did not know what caused it or what is behind all this. Today we do, so here are some questions and answers explaining the same:-

What is a family tendency? 

Ans. In many novels and movies, or even anime, you must have known people belonging to a certain family, acting like the same. 

  • If we talk about the Uchiha clan in Naruto, notice how they all had the same red eyes and the same stages in which they evolved? If you don’t know about this, then you are missing a great deal of entertainment. How about the famous movie twilight? The werewolves had families and every child born in the same family had the same type of characteristics. 
  • This is what family tendency is. The ability of a person to exhibit characteristics like their parents, their clan or their family, in general, is called a family tendency. Many things come into family tendencies and you might find both blessings and curses from them. If you consider blessings, notice how fair or dark you are? It is all due to your family and what genes you might inherit from them. We will talk about genes later. 
  • Now, there aren’t just blessings that you might get from your family but also curses. And these are a lot easier to explain. You might have glasses just because of your parents or you might have a higher risk of heart disease just because your parents have higher blood pressure. To explain it better, consider a family which is cursed. Any new child that would be born would also take birth with the curse. 

What are the causative agents which can cause family tendencies?

Ans. Many years ago, we were mesmerised as to why we look like our family and our parents. There was no explanation regarding the same and it was believed that the souls of those who are born take a certain part from the parents and are combined to produce the perfect product. This was actually quite hard to know because we didn’t have anything that could define why we inherit certain characteristics from our parents. 

In the 16th and 17th centuries, many scientists came forward and started giving their own theories regarding the same thing. But, it was unanimously agreed that there was something inside our sperms and eggs that carries what is inside us. Later it was known to be genes. Genes contain the recipe that makes us. They contain everything from what we are to what we have and what our characteristics are. Mendel of the pea plant was the first person to discover why and how these genes are inherited from our parents. 

What are the conditions that define a family tendency?

Ans. There are about three conditions that define a certain characteristic to be a part of a family tendency. Three types are depending on the three different parts as to how human life. They are as follows:-

  • Physical habits such as nail-biting, sleeping without clothes, needing absolute darkness to sleep, eating habits and many other things are a part of family tendencies. You can even experience them with a little experience. Notice any strange habit of yours that only you and your father/mother/sibling does? That’s exactly what family tendencies are. 
  • Physical tendencies inside the human body such as diabetes, heart diseases, blood disorders, organ disorders and sensory input also depend on these genes. You have about 50% more chance of having high blood pressure if your father or mother has high blood pressure. This is so common and yet people fail to diagnose diseases like these and then fall ill later. 
  • Mental health also affects the family. If you do know the concept of genes, you would realise the fact that not only the physical body is inherited, even our brain is inherited from our parents and ancestors. This is exactly where you are sharp/dull in school because your parents are the same. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing, more than 80% of the same depends on the same thing. Thus, know that depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses can be inherited. 

What’s the difference between a family’s tendencies and family tradition?

Ans. Since you have now read as to what family tendencies are you must know that it is a biological phenomenon and it is impossible for any other family to have the same type of genes as you do unless you develop clones of yourself or your family. This is exactly why tendencies are restricted to a certain family type and they are unique to the family alone. 

But, when we talk about family traditions, many types of traditions are carried on from generations and they are the same and they don’t change concerning generations. They are fixed and they are carried out concerning the body or outer self. Even a whole country can follow a simple tradition. To explain this in the simplest way possible, you can relate this as your colour of the eye or your mental health or physical health is what you are getting from your family. Whereas on the other hand, things like customs, religions and stuff like that can be what family tradition is. Christmas or Eid might be a perfect example of this. 

Traditions can be changed but not tendencies. You do celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah based on what your family traditions are but you can’t change the colour of your eye.