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“If you want to know the secrets of this universe, you should start thinking in terms of 3, 6 and 9”.

These are the famous words of Nicholas Tesla and you won’t find a hint of speculation or lies in them.

These aren’t just words that came out of his mouth when he was petting his dear pigeon, but they did as a Eureka! An exclamation that he found out that everything in the world is based on numbers only.

Do you know the value of phi? 1.618. Research and you would find why phi is regarded as the building block of nature.

As for our topic, the number 36, let’s discuss in questions about what it means and what it is like to see them often.  Here goes nothing:- 

What is the meaning of the number 36? 

Ans. Well, what is the meaning of this universe? Nothing? Or is it a grand meaning that it exists to support life like us?

Exactly like that dilemma, we see that in numerology, numbers always have purposes and meanings and yet they don’t mean anything if you don’t mean them in a certain way. 36 is actually regarded as Angel’s number.

The number is shown to you every time with the help of spirits and guardian angels that want you to behave in a certain way or change your outlook on life. 

What does the number 36 actually mean? 

Ans. The paradigms that you have right now aren’t as good as they should be. You might feel that everything is going perfectly well and I am earning so much or I am not earning that much but I am really happy.

These thoughts may exist in your mind and you might feel bliss. However, your angels and spirits know more about you than you do. Thus they show you this number.

The real meaning behind 36 is that you should change yourself. You should have a paradigm shift inside yourself so that you don’t have to act like you are happy while in case you are not. 

Where should the shift be? 

Ans. So, if you agree with the above point, you would understand that you don’t just want money, you are also thinking about money all the time. Remember your feelings when you read the words, “I am earning much or… “? This is the basis of your assumption on life.

Thus, you need to make sure that you have a shift from the inside to the outside where you don’t feel bound by chains of materialism.

The paradigm shift should happen between this to something far more blissful. You need to know more about love and mysticism rather than going on and on about money. 

What is the major significance of the number 36? 

Ans. Although it can’t be said as this is the only significance because it’s a dilemma as to what you are experiencing right now. To be able to understand everything from a mere text on the internet would be a miracle because you won’t fully grasp what the angel is trying to say to you. You might feel as if this is the end but it isn’t. As for what’s written in books and accepted by scholars, the significance of the number 36 is more than any two-digit number apart from a few. 

The number 36 is said to be the starting point where you can materialize your thoughts and emotions.

It’s the turning point in your life where you won’t feel that you are bound by anything, and like a free bird, you would fly from your imagination, turning it into reality.

It is the pure manifestation of thoughts and the superior use of the brain.

You’ll be able to make rational decisions and make sure that you don’t repeat your past mistakes. 

What does 36 mean for my future? 

Ans. Oh, so you want to know what’s in your future? Actually, you can’t predict anyone’s future regardless of how strong of a magician or a fortune teller you are.

This is one of the only reasons why it is not good to check your future everywhere because it is not true.

However, you might find certain patterns that could predict based on how your life is going to what your life would be in the upcoming future.

Since Nicholas Tesla himself believed in the power of numerology, we can say that these numbers do hold a certain key to your future. 

As for those who are adamant to know what’s behind tomorrow, humour me and answer this question first. Do you feel the need to help people who are suffering, regardless of what you are doing or thinking?

If your answer is yes, congratulations. The number 36 tells you that your future is going to be passionate and you would have a love for everyone on this planet.

Can the number 36 define your future job?

Ans. As I said before, the number doesn’t match up concerning the future but knowing that it would make you benevolent and someone who has a strong sense of passion for his fellow human beings, it is really clear as to what you would be. It isn’t like false promises.

If you are seeing this number, chances are that you would become a philanthropist and that would be the start of the journey within you to help people. 

Now, don’t get confused with philanthropy as money. You may or may not get money, but you would help people.

How about being a doctor and saving lives or becoming a lawyer and shouting for the rights of the underprivileged?

This way, you would help too and this might be philanthropy. Anyways, you would be a great human being. 

What is my guardian angel telling me to do by this number? 

Ans. The angel is telling you to shift your focus from materialism into family and bonding yourself with your close and loved ones. Have you been too distant with them?

Like you all are eating at the same table and yet all you think about is the stock market or your college or what your boss said that day and stuff like that?

This is exactly what your guardian angel is trying to convey to you. Stop thinking rubbish things like that. Start focusing on your love, your life, and your family.