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va fangool meaning – It is a modified and Americanized version of Italian slang. Originally the phrase is Va’ a fare in culo, often summarised as vaffanculo, or just fanculo. It radically means “go do it in an ass” and in American slang, it means fuck you/yourself. 

What is the real meaning of Fungool in Italian?

Fungool or in va fungool is a southern Italian dialect. It means go fuck yourself.

In the Italian language, how can we say the F word?

Vaffanculo! – which means Go f*#^ yourself! This slang is one of the most famous and most used slang in Italian, it is also the naughtiest one. Vaffanculo also refers to the Italian swear word of all.

What is the meaning of Va Fangool? 

Vaffanculo [vaffaŋˈkuːlo], has a lot of meaning. Some of these are “fuck you!”, “fuck off!”, “bugger off!”. The phrase is made up of a mixture of “va’ a fare in culo” which primarily means “go do (it) in the ass”). “Vattela a pijà ‘n der culo” is another word used in Romanesco form for vaffanculo. “vai a cagare” is mostly preferred slang in the northern part of Italy.

What is the meaning of Gagootz?

If you are a native of Staten Island and you get to hear “Ay, what are you, GAGOOTZ?” from someone. It means he wants to say “you are crazy in the head”. Suppose another instance, you are strolling in a garden of a American Italian gentleman and you get to hear the word “gagootz”, this refers to the hanging squash. Hanging squash are mostly harvested in August. It is also referred to as “cucuzza” 

What is the meaning of Fanbala in Italian? 

Fanbala is an Italian word. The word Fanbala means “go to hell” in English translation. Fanbala is also an Italian swear word that is considered to be offensive. 

What is the meaning of mameluke in Italian? 

Mameluke is also referred to as “mammalucco” in Italian expression. It is an Italian word and also a form of Italian slang. Mameluke is referred to as a person who does something foolish and dumb. The slang mameluke or “mammalucco” is also used for a person who is dumb, stupid, silly, or foolish. The word Mameluke is used mostly male gender and primarily aimed at males of the American-Italian ancestry.    

What is the meaning of Baciagaloop in the Italian language? 

Rocco’Shop’s latest creation – I’m With Baciagaloop – the word Baciagaloop is derived from an Italian word and came from the chronology of Italian American eulogy. Afterward, it has been used as slang and opted in Italian as well as American vernacular. 

The word Baciagaloop (Botch-a-ga-loop) has a lot and varied connotations. A lot of prime users of the word Baciagaloop say that the meaning of this word is idiot, a moron, or someone who is a goof. There are a lot of contradictory meanings of the word Baciagaloop.

What is the meaning of Gavone?

The word gavone is primarily referred to the person who is a glutton, in other words, a person who eats a lot. The word Gavone is also referred to as a person who eats like a pig or grande proco in Italian. This word is considered to be a mispronounced slang of Cafone. The Cavone word has been adulterated over time and now it is referred to as gafone, which means a person who is poor or peasant.

What is the meaning of Goomba in the Italian language?

The word or slang goomba is used for a person who is an associate in work or a person who is a companion. The word is mostly used for a friend who is old and acts as a better adviser, a person whom we can trust upon. In entomological definition, the word goomba means Godfather. In medieval Latin slang, it is referred to as a computer.

Goombah which is also pronounced as Goomba is a prior slang in the vicinity of New York. The word Goomba is used for a person who is of Italian- American descent.       

What is the meaning of butana? 

Butana is an Arabic word that is quite famous in the suburbs of Sudan. The word Butana has a variety of uses and meanings according to its origin. The word butana is mostly used to refer to the place. For example, the Butana Breed of cow, buffalo, or any other cattle. 

Butana sheep, butana goats are some other regional words used for reference. In historical reference, Buatna was an ancient place and a part of Alodia which later came under the funj sultanate of Sinnar. 

What is the meaning of Managia in the Italian language?

Managia is a common word in the Italian language but its translation is quite different. It is an Italian word, which is pretty similar to the English slang like “damn” or “hell”. The word managia is primarily used in the southern part of Italy. The meaning of the word managia in the Italian language is ‘male ne abbia’.

What are the most used 13 swear words?

Here is a list of primarily used swear words-

• Asshole.

• Dyke.

• Fag.

• Shit.

• Damn.

• Fuck.

• Jerk Off.

• Ass.

What is the meaning of Madone in the Italian language?

Noun. Madone f (plural madones) is used for an extremely beautiful woman. It is also referring to the women who have a divine appearance or angelic beauty /appearance.

What is the meaning of Chooch in the Italian language?

The word chooch is used for a person who is an idiot or a moron. The word chooch is used for any person who lacks a sense of humor and has excessive stubbornness. In other words, it is used to refer to a person who has a sense-lacking personality. 

In the Italian language, the derivative meaning of the word chooch has been described as a pacifier for children. On the other hand, it means donkey or an ass in the southern part of Italy. There are the varied meanings of the word Chooch and it depends upon the area. 

What is the meaning of Scapadel? 

Skel: A junkie, street-person, or lowlife. 

What is the meaning of Minga in the Italian language?

Minga came from the Italian word mingere, which means “to urinate”. It is slang that is termed derogatory and impolite. 

What is the meaning of jabroni in the Italian language?

The word jabroni is Italian slang. It’s a profane word that means asshole in English.

What is the meaning of stunad in English?

The word stunad means a stupid person in the English language. It is Italian slang. 

What is the meaning of Bacigalupi in the Italian language?

There is no proper definition of the word Bacigalupi available in the English language. Although, it means “kiss of the wolf”, as stated by a user who resides in California, USA.