What does it mean when my Chevy Cruze says service StabiliTrak?


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what does service StabiliTrak mean on chevy Cruze- The issue which can be observed in most of the GM vehicles is service StabiliTrak warning.

This issue has been observed primarily in the Chevy Cruze and other newly released GM vehicles. StabiliTrak is a mechanism that is installed in GM vehicles for specific vehicle stability.  

What is the real meaning of service StabiliTrak?

When this error appears, it means that there is some kind of malfunction in the system, which eventually turns off the system.

This can also mean irruption in the signal. One can notice an issue in the system by observing the traction service light. Although, if the issue is because of the bad signal, you won’t need to worry and keep driving your vehicle.   

How much does it cost to fix traction service control?

On an average, it costs around $82 to $94 for the replacement of traction control switch which also includes labor costs of $39 to $52.

The price of the replacement part is $43. The price mentioned here is based on estimation and it does include taxes and fees.

What is the process to turn off the StabiliTrak in the Chevy Cruze?

Press and hold the button for a few seconds and it will automatically turn off Traction control as well as StabiliTrak.

Does the StabiliTrak issue a matter of concern while driving?

When the TCS light is illuminating then it is safe to drive, the light appears when the vehicle loses traction. The vehicle can roll out or slide around when you drive while the traction control is not working. The function of Traction control is to maintain the balance of the vehicle on the road. 

What is the process of resetting StabiliTrak?

First of all, turn the vehicle to three o’clock from nice o’clock in the clockwise direction. By following this process, if the error notification disappears then your vehicle doesn’t need servicing.

If the message still appears then simply turn off the vehicle and wait for a few seconds. Turn on the vehicle and your StabiliTrak will be reset. 

What is the cost of the repair of StabiliTrak?

The anti-lock brake repairing cost

The cost of repairing the anti-lock brakes has a lot of variation. The cost mainly depends upon various factors, such as manufacturing and model type of the vehicle.

It also depends upon the severity of the issue in the vehicle. The cost of an ABS wheel sensor is somewhere around $100 to $200. ABS control modules can cost around $200 and they can go up to $600 for each piece. 

What causes the StabiliTrak light to turn on?

Damage in the Steering Angle Sensor

The steering Angle Sensor is one of the prior components of your car and its main function is to calibrate and maintain the angularity of the steering wheel. It optimizes the position of the steering wheel. If there is an error owing to the system then there is no need to be concerned and the light of the Traction control may turn on owing to it.

What can be the reason behind the turning on of StabiliTrak light?

The prior reason behind the continuous light on is the faulty StabiliTrak system. While driving if you notice StabiliTrak still on then you need to get your vehicle for servicing. The limit of wheel spin will not be under control if the system is off and the StabiliTrak light is on. In the case of the active StabiliTrak system, the light can also illuminate.

What is the process to turn on the StabiliTrak light?

In order to turn on/off the system, navigate to the TAS button (at the instrument panel) and press it to on/off the system. When you press the button to turn off the system the traction off light will start illuminating and the same process should be followed to turn on the system. While turning off the system, you will notice that the traction light is switched off.  

Is the powertrain warranty applicable on StabiliTrak?

StabiliTrak is not covered under the Powertrain warranty. You can check it out on the warranty card for assurance. 

What is meant by a reduced power engine?

The warning of reduced engine power means the car is limiting its performance in order to stay safe from unwanted damages to the engine. Reduced power is primarily triggered by the computer of the car (referred to as electronic control unit or ECU in short). The ECU initiates reduced power mode in the system failure condition. 

What could be the reason behind the Chevy Cruze “power reduced” warning?

Power-reduced warnings show up in the Chevy Cruze in case of malfunction of management sensors or the ECU. 

What is the function of stability control light?

Electronic Stability Control in short ESC is the modified version of the ABS technology. This stability control works on the instruction of the computer. If the computer detects any fault in the steering control or the traction, the computer will instruct the engine to reduce power and stabilize the brakes in order to gain control over the vehicle. 

What is the meaning of service traction light?

To detect the spin of the wheel and which wheel is spinning faster, wheel-speed sensors are implanted into the vehicle. These sensors turn on the light of service traction when it detects variation in the spinning of wheels or when the vehicle loses traction. This warning shows up to notify you that you are obstructed from getting any help from the traction control system. You are required to check the system.  

What is the process to check traction control Light?

The warning indicator light of the traction system is on 

TCS or Traction control light mainly shows up when there is a malfunction in the Traction control module. The light can be observed on the dashboard and it is one of the most common indicators of failure in traction control. Various other serious concerns can cause traction control light to turn on. 

What is the location of the wheel speed sensor?

The wheel speed sensor is one of the prior parts of the Anti-lock brake system. It is also referred to as an ABS sensor. You can find this sensor on the tires. It is located adjacent to the brake rotors for the front tires as well as at the rear part of the tires. 

What is the meaning of “service traction control” in a car?

The light of the traction control can be observed in the case of service inspection. This control system works as an aid while you drive your vehicle. It maintains the grip and control of the car in case of rain, snow, ice, or poorly manufactured roads. The warning light will show up in case of a system malfunction. The location of the traction control light is on the dashboard cluster.