The Secret Vaccine Dealers by the Government and the Points They Hide


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Multi-billion dollar contracts give the drug market liability Shields regarding the delivery dates. It also holds a close association with pricing, along with the patent owner. With that comes the promises that will never be made public.

In Brussels, when the Parliament members had a meeting this month for reading the first publicity available contracting for the purchase of the coronavirus vaccine, the court noticed that something was missing.

The major point is that what was missing was not a little entity, rather a big one. Then questions started swirling around, whether it was the price fixed for the drugs or not.

The rollout schedule or the amount of the money being paid upfront is still an issue.

Everything was being kept “unrevealed.” That said, the contract between the German pharmaceutical company and the European Union is still the world’s most transparent contract.

The government has made deposits of billions of dollars into assisting the drug companies in developing the vaccines. It is still spending billions of money for buying the doses.

The details of those deals made between the Government and the companies are being kept secret with the countries’ respective governments.

The public health organizations are still figuring out the demands for secrecy with the start of the vaccination campaign weeks.

The secrecy is making every accountability a difficult thing. The drug companies, namely AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, will miss the European delivery targets. Consequently, it will create widespread concern as the dangerous virus variants are spreading.

The terms of the contract are still kept secret, bringing difficulties for questioning companies or government officials regarding the vaccine and the course.

However, the availability of the documents suggests that companies are demanding and receiving a flexible delivery schedule. The schedules have relevance with the patent protection and the liability. In case anything goes wrong, the government is also practicing covering Three Types of vaccine deals, some of which are also being dealt with by the pharmaceutical companies, while others are buying from the original body like the European Union or the African Union.

The United States has now secured 400 million doses of the vaccines for around 200 people. Again the European Commission and the European Union executive are negotiating on behalf of the 27 member states.

Around 2.3 billion doses under contract are still getting negotiated for about 300 million more. Coax is also giving its verdict that the agreements for just over 2 billion doses are kept as the secret contract.

The Government Has Helped Create the Vaccines

The vaccine development proved to be a risky venture. In this regard, it is essential to note that the government, primarily the United States and Europe, and nonprofit groups like Coalition for the Epidemic preparedness innovations, are getting into manufacturing vaccines.

Other companies are receiving more help. The Massachusetts Biotech company modern has taken help from the Government development Technology. It is working as the foundation of the vaccine.

Besides, the institute has also received around $1 billion in government grants to develop the drug. Companies are keeping the patents completely secret.

Despite the tremendous taxpayer investments, the drug companies fully own the patents. There has been the matter of the contention for months together. Government is also responsible for the creation of artificial scarcity.

There is not much information about whether public funds are required for ending the pandemic or not. The claim is that it shouldn’t be kept a secret.

The Varied Prices

It’s essential to note that the vaccine contract mentions that the price per dose will frequently change. They are doing so by insisting that the price remains confidential.

The drug makers are also working hand in hand with the government negotiators who still do not know what the other countries are paying. The government is already accepting that provision, and also the official reports show the disparities.

The international development minister has also said that the international organizations must always contribute more to making the contracts public. Besides, they are putting more focus on the transparency related to the agreements on the procurements.

The organization has also refused to make the Deals public. The contract with the countries assumes that around $10.5 per dose is set. But they are constantly giving warning that the final cost could also be higher, including the speed premium or access.

The View About Donations and Resales

The resale research has been restricted completely. The public health advocates are also called on about how concerned they are regarding the early doses market.

Consequently, the European Commission spokesman mentioned that the companies had to guarantee that whenever the drugs were used, they had to consider certain legal protections.

They are saying that Vaccines are going to arrive whenever they arrive. The proprietary information that is the delivery times has gotten over public Benchmarks. It is working for the measurement of the Company against it.

The European officials who had initially thought about keeping the contracts are now asking the companies to make everything Public.

Final Word

Some companies are also getting massive profits out of the scenario revolving around the vaccine.

In addition to the interest of the loans, the organization like the European bank will be receiving around $25 million in the vaccine profits according to the verdict given by the contract that biotech is filled with the securities regulations.

Citizens will still have to wait to get the appropriate knowledge regarding the vaccine dealers backed by the government and the points they hide.