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If you think that fleas are some kind of parasite that can be removed with the help of a pair of tongs or it would be just something that can be ignored then you are not infected with fleas. Because you would only realise the pathetic and harmful nature of a flea after getting bitten by one or seeing your pet in pain while they are constantly scratching that part of their body that is bleeding profusely. 

Fleas are giant lice and ticks which are a type of parasite that lives in the body of any type of animal with a fur coat. They are the most pathetic type of parasite that can infect your pet because it is very painful to see them like that.

Ortho home defence is a type of chemical that is sold over the counter for such types of parasites. They are used almost everywhere in the world and they are quite famous for furry animals. Because they are designed for the same purpose they are used and recommended even by veterinarians for fleas. 

But, there are a lot of rumours that go around with regards to Ortho home defence. Let’s discuss each and every one of them and reveal what is the true nature of this chemical in a question and answer format.

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Is it true that Ortho home defence kills? What about the rumours that many dogs died due to Ortho home defence?

Ans. Sometimes to make a company’s product a devil’s handiwork is to make sure that the company does not sell any type of product that it is making so that everything from the company falls off from the market in such a way that the company cannot grow back. This is exactly what is happening with the company which makes Ortho home defence. 

The rumours that you see online and the thing which is happening here is because of the fact that some people want to make the company look evil and that is why they are spreading rumours about this product so that no one will buy it. But, the truth is that this product does not harm any living tissue and it is completely safe. It is even prescribed by experienced veterinarians across the state.

The best part about this product is that you can use this product without any fear of harming your pet like any other chemical. This is because of the fact that this product is absolutely safe around pets like dogs. There is a special spray that comes containing this product which can be sprayed over the fur coat of your pet.

In case you feel that your dog has eaten or inhaled any part of this product the best thing to do is to take them to a veterinarian and make sure that they are not having seizures or tremors in their body. 

This product comes with a max version named Ortho home defence max. Is that safe to use?

Ans. As mentioned before, every product of this type is absolutely safe and perfect for your house so you don’t need to worry about anything like that. In case you got the max version of this product then you need to realise the fact that the power of this product would be more than the original one. 

Now, it is highly unlikely that it would cause any type of irritation or disease in any of your pets or your children. But, to be on the safer side, you need to understand the fact that it would be better to keep your children and pets outside, and then spray the house with chemicals like these to ensure that they are safe and there is nothing to worry about. 

There is an insect killer version of this product that is available in the market which is very easy to use, and has been going around on the internet. Some people claim that this product is very harmful to your children and pets, so you should never use this product and they also claim that certain chemicals make this product absolutely harmful and a cancer-causing agent. However, these are baseless accusations on the product.

How does insect killer spray work?

Ans. Now, as I have mentioned before, Ortho home defence has an insect killer spray which is very easy to use and is very effective against any type of insects and bugs. You would be surprised by the fact that how effective this product is once you start using the same. 

It is so simple to use that anyone can use this product regardless of who they are because it just has one simple step. The step involves you spraying this product everywhere where you feel there are insects or bugs. You must make sure that you spray all those places like your window sill or your lawn on somewhere where you might feel that there could be any insects or bugs. 

Now, there is something that you must realise here. This is the fact that on the top of the label of this product, it is clearly written that the product is completely pet safe, and family-friendly once it gets dry. But if someone uses heavy chemicals and sprays them on your water or on your pet’s nose and you expect that nothing would happen or your dog won’t die because the chemical should be absolutely safe then it is wrong. After all, it is just a chemical. 

So let it dry out before you invite them in. It hardly takes a minute anyway so it’s okay to wait patiently than to catch some weird disease with this chemical. 

So, would the final verdict be that it is completely safe?

Ans. No, this is exactly what I want you to understand. It is not safe for you or your pet or anyone in your house other than those bugs to eat or in hair this spray or substance. But, I also want you to understand that it is just a chemical that is designed to kill insects therefore it would be harmful if ingested or eaten.

Even if you are a 6th grader you would understand that this chemical should not be taken near your pets. But that doesn’t mean that it is harmful or it kills your pets. It is pet safe, but you should always remember that prevention is better than cure.