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If you are worried about your pet having a number of diseases such as any skin diseases that contain lice and ticks, then I am sure that you must have tried a number of things. But, some of the things work and some do not. This is not something that we can avoid because looking at our dear pets scratching their backs in  pain makes us realise how serious this disease is.

Now, most of us might think about some chemicals or even search on the internet for a cure for this. To be honest, the best thing that you could do about this is to make sure that you get proper treatment for your pet. But if you cannot afford a veterinarian then it would be better to look for household substances that could cure this disease. 

When we talk about household substances the first thing that comes to our minds while cleaning something is Lysol. Lysol is such a product that is used universally for cleaning any type of substance or even disinfecting them. 

Fleas are such organisms that they are the most pathetic and parasitic things that you can get free from nature. Let’s discuss the details about whether it is possible to kill fleas with the help of Lysol all or you would need something else in a question and answer format. 

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Can you get rid of the fleas in your pet’s body with the help of Lysol?

Ans. I know that it might seem a bit weird concerning Lysol, that it cleans almost everything in our house and we use it almost every day to disinfect substances. But, it is certainly not possible to kill fleas with Lysol. This is because of the fact that fleas are not microscopic beings that can be eliminated with the help of a disinfecting agent.

In fact, fleas are multicellular beings that are parasitic in nature and you might even find them below the fur coat of your pet sucking their blood and causing them harm. And if you analyse the function of fleas and how they attack your pets then it’s a pressing concern because a huge portion of the blood that is present in the body of your pet would be sucked by this parasitic recharge and they multiply very fast.

But you don’t have to worry about these fleas as you might be worried that they do not go with the help of Lysol. There are many ways in which you can eliminate these pesky pests from the fur coat of your pet and from your house. You just need to follow a certain set of functions which would be given below and you will be able to achieve what you think is impossible. And trust me, it won’t be something that would be very much expensive or something like that. It would be locally available or you can have a quick drive to Walmart and get it. 

Keeping the above things in consideration, how would I get rid of fleas in an instant?

Ans. There are a variety of things that you can use which are present in your house which won’t even cost you a single dollar and would help you to get rid of this pesky pest in an instant. I have listed these things in a simple list below. They are as follows:-

  • If you have seen these fleas on your pets then you must have seen how horrible they look and how fat they are by sucking blood. They actually have a body part that helps them to keep themselves attached to the host’s body. So if you vacuum that place where you think fleas are, then it might be possible to get rid of them completely. 
  • When it comes to things like these I have always advocated steam cleaners to be the perfect solution for any kind of parasitic and virus type living things that cause any type of disease. 
  • The best thing that you can do without using any type of chemical is to make sure that you wash your pet’s bed with the help of hot water and it should be as hot as possible and I promise you that it will clear everything. 

What are some of the chemicals that would help me get rid of fleas?

Ans. Now, I don’t like the use of chemicals concerning cleaning any living tissue such as yourself or your pet because chemicals harm our skin no matter how safe they are. Therefore it might be better for you to just use the above methods that I mentioned and it won’t hurt anyone in the long run.

But, if you feel that nothing is working for your house or your situation then it might be a big problem. Because in cases like this fleas multiply very quickly and they spread from place to place regardless of what you clean.

For situations like these, chemical substances would be the perfect option for you as natural things are not working. Now, you would see several chemicals which are listed online and you might feel that they are worth a shot. But, you need to realise the fact that some of them might be harmful to your pet or you as they are prepared with toxic chemicals and they might contain an allergen. 

You can use Clorox to clean your pet’s body and it would be better than any other chemical. Clorox is usually available in every household because of how much it is used. 

How to clean your house with the help of Clorox to get rid of fleas and what are the other alternatives?

Ans. There are several alternatives that you can use concerning eliminating fleas because they are multicellular beings that live on blood. Although it is recommended that Lysol is better to clean things, Clorox would be a better option while considering fleas. 

This is because of the fact that they have such great corrosive power that Lysol doesn’t have. Therefore this might be the perfect option for you. It is better to check the body of your pet and clean it apart with the help of small tongs which would help you to remove the fleas but after that wash their belongings with one cup of Clorox in one bucket of water.