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A mini refrigerator is a cool gadget to have at your disposal for when you feel the need of having chilled beer in your basement. A mini refrigerator or a mini-fridge is basically a miniature version of the bigger fridge and sometimes it has features that surpass the big ones. 

The mini fridge in many cases, not only cools your beers and drinks but also has an option for heating your food. This makes the fridge, not just a refrigerator but also an oven. Although this feature isn’t quite common, but yet, we have a variety of mini fridges in the market with this feature. 

Mini fridges are very suitable for small and compact spaces such as dorm rooms, basements, small fortresses that we build in our backyard garden, office spaces and a lot more. It’s better to have sufficient chilled beers at an arm’s length from your chair rather than going upstairs or inside the house, just to get a drink. 

Also, transportation with respect to these fridges also do not cost more and there are many questions as to how to keep the mini fridge posted on the internet, so today we would discuss the difficulties related to transportation issues while transporting mini fridges. 

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Why should I buy a mini fridge?

Ans. Before we hop on to the transportation factor, let’s discuss what’s with the mini fridge. As mentioned before, a mini fridge is actually a great gadget that you can use to make your life go much easier. There are many things that are amazing with respect to a mini fridge and we would look at all of it in the details below. 

The best thing about a mini fridge is that it saves space. Suppose that you are in the dorm rooms and you want to keep your food hot or your drinks cold. Now there are options for you to buy a variety of products such as a small OTG oven and a fridge but both of them would cost so much money that it would ruin you financially. 

Plus, you don’t have that kind of space in your kitchen because many a time we don’t even have a kitchen, just a basic heater and a washbasin. And this is not just the case of a dorm room, but also any basement or office. This is the exact reason why you do need to have a mini fridge, regardless of what people might think. 

With regards to the question in the main topic, there are a lot of things that we need to be sure of. One thing that is a major advantage apart from affordability, ease of use, space-saving, etc. to a mini-fridge is that it has very good portability. You can literally pick it up and carry it anywhere you like because it is so lightweight. 

Can I turn my fridge sideways and carry the fridge? 

Ans. This is where the original questions rise in. Since the mini fridge is quite portable, there are a lot of times when we see that we do have a power outlet somewhere, and we want our mini fridge to be with us right now. 

Like on a trip or something, it is way better to carry a mini fridge rather than those stupid DIY hack things where they put ice cubes and whatever. They not only leak out after some time but are also time-consuming. 

With regards to laying the fridge sideways or on its side, I am sure you understand the fact that you shouldn’t turn it on and then carry the same right? Because if you think that’s possible, then please don’t attempt the same. If you dropped it, it would surely explode. Plus you might get the chance of having yourself electrocuted. 

But, in any case, if you had to fit this cute mini fridge of yours somewhere, and the best place requires you to keep it sideways, you can surely do the same. 

Are there any complications of keeping mini fridges sideways? 

Ans. If I told you to always slither rather than a walk would you have any complications? That’s what the answer is.  Of course, it won’t have any complications if you follow all the rules mentioned in this article and make sure that you use your mini fridge correctly. 

This is because a lot of times, people forget the fact that keeping the fridge sideways is indeed permissible but, you need to realise the fact that it isn’t how it is made and that it isn’t as per rules. So, make sure that you don’t develop the habit of keeping your mini fridge sideways or travelling it while holding the same. 

Also, if you do keep it sideways for some unforeseen circumstances and you cannot afford to shift it in any other position, then it is okay for you to keep it sideways, but you need to follow a rule just after it. 

The rule states that you need to keep your mini fridge at least twice the time it was kept sideways, to be in its basic position before turning it on. Suppose, you keep your mini fridge somewhere crammed in the back of your truck for an hour, then make sure you keep the same, on its base before turning it for two hours. 

What happens if I deliberately keep my mini-fridge sideways?

Ans. Well, there are many issues with respect to this but if you really want to accentuate your stupidity, then it’s perfectly fine for you to do so. Because everyone has the right and I’ll just tell you that it actually loses its ability to cool if you do the same. 

The problem that lies here is in the mechanics of the fridge. You see, when you keep it like that, the oil from the compressor goes into the coolant system. This would cause a lot of trouble so make sure that you keep the same in a good position and follow the rules above. 

Also, one important thing before this article ends, there is always a huge possibility that you can adjust the same somewhere while transportation to make sure that your mini fridge is actually upright and not sideways. 

Sure it is okay to do so and after doing so, you can actually follow the rule but that would harm your mini fridge in the long run. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.