PC2 Vs PC3: Can I use a PC2 in a PC3?


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The possibilities of using your laptop are endless when it comes to attaching hardware. There are many types of things that can be attached to a laptop such as RAM, storage, camera, graphic card and other such additions that it is really possible to change the whole laptop internally without removing or changing the exterior design.

Now, when it comes to other features such as the RAM in your PC then the most important thing to realise is that your device should not hang or freeze in times of need.

If you are thinking that you can attach PC2 to PC3 then you should realize the fact that they are very different from each other and that they both have different ports and different pins. 

Thus, they cannot mix together and you cannot attach parts from one PC to another. There are many things that are included in this topic and to discuss everything in detail, here is a question and answer format which would help you to understand better. 

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What if I use the PC3 RAM in PC2 to the motherboard?

Ans. Although every part of the laptop can be changed and you can literally replace anything that you want from your PC regardless of what type they are and whether they still sell. This is why it is better to repair your laptop rather than buying a new one.

Many things are considered with respect to PC3 and PC2 motherboards but the fact is that they both have different features even though having the same function. So if you tried to connect as it is mentioned in the question then you would not only risk the chance of getting your device destroyed but also the chance of getting your PC3 or PC2 fried. 

Now, a question may arise in your mind that it might be possible to attach both of them because when you look inside the pin then you will realise that both of them look the same and that this article might not be correct. If you have already arrived at that conclusion and you have inserted the PC3 in PC2, then congratulations on destroying your device.

This is because of the fact that if you look below you would find that the pin which is inside both of these two, is exactly the same and it is termed as 240-pin connector. But although the pin of both of these devices is the same they are differently attached because they have different connectors.

What I meant by this sentence above is that the pin of these two devices is the same but where they are connected is different because they won’t get attached due to the fact that the connector is designed differently for these two devices. Also, there is a type of notch which is available in the slot which prevents you from attaching a different type of memory than what is intended. 

Can you tell me the difference between  PC3 and PC2?

Ans. There is something that would be mentioned here that you won’t understand because they are technical terms and technical acronyms for computer hardware and software. You can open another tab and Google it if you don’t understand a certain acronym or a certain term. With this let’s discuss the details of PC3 and PC2.

PC2 is DDR2 and PC3 is DDR3. This is actually according to the specification sheet that you have and that you have linked with your device. You might have to first check as to what your laptop is and what it came with. It might be 3 gig RAM and it might extend up to 4 gigs. 

There is another technical term that you need to understand first before jumping on to the next paragraph which is about bits. You might have a 32 bit or a 64 bit PC and you need to figure out what it is. Without that, you cannot even update your windows. 

It might show you that there is a Vista in your PC but it won’t tell you whether you have a 32 bit PC or a 64 bit PC. They all worked on the different modules and you would need to change the complete hardware to make them work on a different type of PC.

So can I use PC3L and PC3 in the same slot?

Ans. Yes, it is actually possible for you to use PC3L and PC3 in the same slot because both of them are made up of the same material and they connect with the same connector. Now the PC3L is actually an upgrade for the PC3 and it can be used on the PC3 system but you need to understand the fact that although it can be used it does not guarantee that it would not harm your PC. 

This is because of the fact that they need a different type of voltage and current to work. This is also why PC3 does not work in PC2. But when we talk about other variations of PC3L then we find out that many types of PC3L would actually adopt the standard voltage that is present.

This means that after adopting the voltage the PC3L would then interlinked itself with the PC3 system. 

Would there be an effect on the speed of the RAM while using the PC3L version?

Ans. If you think that by increasing your RAM you can make your PC faster than you are clearly ignorant of everything related to computers and laptops. Yes, the RAM plays an important role in handling your PC and the speed at which your PC functions but it is not the only criteria or the only factor which makes it possible. 

Therefore, you might feel a bit of increase in the performance of your PC but it would not be something like your PC would start to handle games on two different tabs with two different functions and things like that it would just be a simple upgrade and it would make simple operations fast but it won’t affect it entirely. 

Thus, if you are thinking that you would increase your PC’s speed and performance by updating for upgrading the RAM of your PC then you should actually research what is making your PC slower rather than updating your RAM. Upgrading your Ram would be a good choice if you have very low disk space and everything falls off while working.