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If you are one of those people that carry minerals and stones around you, you must know about the chemical nature and composition of the same. The chemical nature and the composition of the material or the stone is what defines its characteristics. Surely, it is used for healing purposes and so many other things such as aligning your chakras, the basic definition of the same is to make sure that they remain safe and protected in their surroundings. 

Before we jump onto the question as to whether we should put the material inside water or anything like that, we would discuss the characteristics of the same and what needs to be done with respect to the material. The physical characteristics of the material are what defines the matter to be as it is and as it lives. So, let’s discuss some of the properties of this strange Black crystal and then the water question in a question and answer format. 

They are as follows:-

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What are the physical properties of black tourmaline? 

Ans. Before we jump onto the important parts and then draw a conclusion, why not first check the evidence on which it is based? Of course, it might be tough to determine everything that exists with respect to this black crystal, but the point is that once you read everything related to your crystal it might be possible for you to take good care of the same. 

When we talk about the physical properties of black tourmaline, you need to realise that we would start up with things that would make it easy to determine what the material is and what are its parameters with respect to its physical self. Therefore, we would discuss the chemical composition, hardness, tenacity, and solubility. They are as follows:-

  • Chemical composition:- Sometimes, some materials contain sodium as their primary element and thus, the user doesn’t think twice about wearing them on their necklaces and then it bursts their chest open in the shower because of this sodium metal. For people who don’t know, sodium metal is one the most highly reactive metals with water. 
  • As for our black tourmaline, it is made up of a mixture of aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, potassium, boron, oxygen, hydrogen and other elements from the periodic table. 
  • Hardness:- This test determines how hard a substance is black tourmaline. Although the material is completely safe to use, the stones do have very tiny microscopic cracks. This is where the water seeps in and creates problems. The hardness of black tourmaline is about 7 on the Mohr scale. 
  • Solubility:- Although the material has aluminium and sodium, it isn’t water-soluble so you don’t need to worry. 
  • Tenacity:- This means that although the substance is tough enough on the Mohr scale, it is like chalk that would break anytime even if a small amount of pressure is applied. 

Can black Tourmaline go in the water? 

Ans. Yes. But that doesn’t mean that you should just lock it away in a jar filled with water or take your black Tourmaline necklace to a swimming lesson. It does go in the water, but care must be taken to make sure that it does not stay inside the water to make sure the material doesn’t decompose. 

Tourmaline is good as long as it is cut, shaped, and polished onto the surface. But no matter how hard you squint, you cannot actually see the cracks on the surface of the tourmaline. Even if it is dropped once, it develops tiny microscopic cracks which get all over the surface of the material. 

Now, when it is washed and dried with water, it is easy to remove the water that gets filled inside these cracks. However, it is actually impossible to get water out of cracks that have sunken deeper. 

Suppose you have the material where you have actually dipped the same in water. Now, what would happen is that the water would seep inside these cracks and then chip open them from the inside. This would break the stone into tiny pieces. 

What are some alternatives to taking care of black tourmaline rather than washing it? 

Ans. To put it simply, why wash the black stone? I know it is polished and everything like but to wash the stone extra every week or so is very wrong because not only are you degrading the material, you are also keeping water stuck inside the material which would break it apart. 

So, make sure that if possible, you should never wash the substance and keep it as it is with you as you want it to be. If you believe in the spiritual processes and you have them in your bag all the time, make sure you carry a small pouch-like thing to make sure that they don’t leave tiny powders inside your bag. 

Also, if you really want to watch the material, take some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad, or any alcohol that you can get and then rub it on the surface. If it fell somewhere and it got dirty and you really need to wash the same then just hold it underwater and gently rub the surface with your hands. 

Now that this is done, take your hairdryer out and then speed dry the material or else pat it with a paper towel and then leg it dry completely. 

What are some other methods of cleaning and what is CIW?

Ans. Firstly, let me make it clear again that soaking the crystal underwater for hours won’t resolve this and that it would have very serious consequences for you as when you lift the material, it would get broken into two parts. 

If water doesn’t matter much to you, let it stand in running water for about 20 seconds and then pat it dry and let it dry completely. Other methods of cleaning would include keeping the stone under the moonlight or burying it in the garden. 

CIW is crystal-infused water. I do support those people that believe in the power of crystals and that crystal-infused water would promote healing internally. Actually, it is even scientifically proven that ionic water promotes healing. But, I am against destroying the crystal just to get the CIW. For that, you can even take a copper vessel and place the material just outside the vessel and it would infuse all its energies onto this.